About Us

With 10+ years experience in the automotive industry we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when it comes to looking after your car the right way. 


A little about me...

The saying do something you love and you won’t work another day in your life can’t be more true for me. I was that kid in the neighbourhood knocking doors, pulling my little cart offering to wash your car for £5 for some extra pocket money. I then worked 10+ years in the motor industry selling cars but it was time for a change. The lightbulb moment for me was selling a car and passing it over to the valet team ready for collection and it often returning looking worse than it did before it went in… that spark from many years ago ignited and I realised I could do better. I sharpened my skills and embarked on a training journey with AutoFinesse passing their Professional detailers accreditation. On Point Detailing was born. 


Clean Cars


Happy Customers

On Point Van


Operating a fully mobile business we are not afraid to travel, our operating areas cover the whole of the South Coast. If you live further afield and would like one of our services please get in touch and I am sure we can come to some sort of agreement.

What happens on the day…

Our aim is to be with you by 8.30 am (traffic and distance depending) We will firstly do a vehicle inspection to make sure the package is going to be suitable for you. I will then take some photos with your permission as I’m sure you enjoyed looking at the before and afters we take! Once I am set up I will get started, duration of visits can depend a lot on the package selected and also the condition of the vehicle. We do ask to be given enough space to park our van next to the vehicle being worked upon and that this is not on a public road. Our van is fully equipped with everything we need for the job, we even carry our own Spotless water on board to ensure the best possible results. If we can have access to a power socket it saves the generator being used all day. 

Sports cars on a drive way

New Southampton detailing studio  coming soon!  coming soon!  coming soon!